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Tourism of Kazakhstan (Almaty city, Almaty area)

Which places of Almaty area can you see?


The Tamgaly-Tas place located on Ili River to the east from Almaty city on distance of 120 km.

There are many rocky bastions over the Ili River. There is a possibility to rise on safe footpaths on rocks and to admire steppe open spaces.
Rocks are used as range for fans of rock-climbing. There are marking of routes of ascensions on rocks, competitions and trainings are spent
here often. We organise such trainings.

There are ancient images of Buddhas and the bodhisattva on rocks - Buddha Gautama, Buddha Manla, Buddha Akshobhja, and Bodhisattva
Avalokiteshvara. They are represented according to Lamaism rules. All figures cut on Ili, are executed in strict conformity with rules of Buddhist
painting: the quantity of ornaments, flowers, clothes, bowls in hands, hands developed in certain gestures - all submits to strict laws.
The Lamaism has been extended among the people who here lived.

The best season for tourism: from April till October. The best time - April and May. Weather of June is hot. The guest houses are absent.

It's 1-day trip.
Photos are here.

The park Altyn-Emel


The state national park Altyn-Emel is located in 250km. from Almaty.

The national park includes the northern part of Kapchagai watershed and right bank of the Ili River, the desert mountains Aktau, Katutau,
the extreme southwestern spurs of Dzhungarskiy Alatau.

The Paleozoic range Little and Large Kalkany is barren, with intensive rock destruction. Between the Kalkan range prevailing winds create
enormous sandy dunes, known as unique phenomenon of the nature as the "Singing mountain". The dune is name "Singing" because of
the deep vibrating rumble coming from it occasionally that has the vaguely similar sound of a passing jet.

The Katutau Mountains (1630m. above sea level) run from southwest to the northeast as rather narrow, bumpy, ridged hills
with plateau-like tops. The slopes are disconnected by many waterless gorges. The red clay and bluish-gray calcareous sandstones
of the tertiary period are permeated with bright streaks.

On the right-bank of the Kapchagai watershed, there are tombs of Saka (Scythians) kings - Besshatyr (VII-IV centuries B.C.).
There are galleries of rock paintings and figures with imagery of various animals and hunting in mountain gorges.

The flora of park totals 1500 kinds of the supreme plants, including 22 kinds of rare plants. Relicts (astragalus dshimensis, Ili ferula) and endemic:
tulips -Albert and short stamen, Muslim's campion, Ili's barberry, chesneya dzhungarica, astragalus kopalensis, Vitaly's columbine, prangos herderi,
rocky meadow saxifrage and etc.

Altyn-Emel is famous for the richness of its fauna. Among the huge army of invertebrate more often you can meet Arachnida and insects.
The most ancient of Arachnida are scorpions. The fauna of insected on the preliminary data totals more than 5000 kinds, there are not
less than 500 coleopterans, or bugs living in tugai.

There are about 200 kinds of birds, 174 from them are nesting: black stork, Feruginous pochard, osprey, serpent eagle, Eastern imperia
l eagle, golden eagle, Egyptian vulturne, Himalayan griffon and etc.

There are more than 70 kinds of mammals in the territory of the park: a snow leopard, a stone marten, vormela peregusna,
goitered gazelle (dzheiran) and Asiatic wild ass (kulan) and etc. One more rare kind of animals, Prezhivalskiy's horse, has disappeared
from territory of Kazakhstan in a before last century. Wild horses were kept only in several zoos of the world till the present time.
Some horses have been delivered to 2003 with the purpose of restoration of a kind in the nature from Germany.
Now they have already accustomed to new conditions.

The weather. Climate is desert, Sharply continental, with the dry cold winter and hot summer.
Its 2-3 days trip and you need to take equipment: tent, backpack etc.
There are guest houses on Basshiy.

Photos are here.

The Kolsai (Kulsai) Lakes. Lake Kaindy.

The Kolsai Lakes and Lake Kaindy are high-mountainous lakes (2000-2500 m. above sea level) located to the east from Almaty
city on distance of 280 km.
Lake Kaindy is small lake. The lake was formed about 100 years ago (mountain collapse). There are many dried up fur-trees in lake.
It is possible to take a hiking in the Lake Kaindy area.

The Kolsai Lakes consist of three lakes:

1) Lake Nizhnee (first) - 1820 m. above sea level.

2) Lake Mynzholka (second) - 2240 m. above sea level.

3) Lake Verhnee (third) - 2260 m. above sea level.

You can reach the first lake by sedan. You can reach second and third lakes only on foot. Distance between the first and the second
lake is about 3 hours. Distance between the second lake and the third lake is about 2 hours. The second lake is biggest and the most
picturesque one. A tour to Lake Issyk-Kul (Kirgizia) passes through the Kolsai Lakes.

The weather of lakes area is cool. You need to take worm clothing.
Its 2-3 days trip and you need to take equipment: tent, backpack etc.
There are guest houses on the first lake.

Photos are here.

The Tamgaly (Tanbaly) petroglyph.

The Tamgaly is rocky place located 170 km to the north-west of Almaty city. There are many petroglyphs (nearby 5000) which are
dated from XX centuries B.C. at Tamgaly. You can see petroglyphs with hunting scenes, ritual dancing's, ancient deities etc of Bronze Age.

The Tamgaly is UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2004year.
It's one-day trip.
The weather of the summer is hot, weather of the spring and the autumn is cool.

Photos of Tamgaly petroglyphs here.

The Assy Plateau.

The Assy Plateau is a high-mountainous plateau (2000-2500 m. above sea level) located to the east from Almaty city on distance of 80 km.
The Assy Plateau is an interesting place for travel - mountains, picturesque red rocks, petroglyphs, herds of sheep and horses.
The way through the Assy Plateau leads to Lake Bortagai.
Lake Bartogai is very convenient point for travel continuation to Charyn canyon (20km.), Kolsai lakes (130km.), the Altyn-Emel park (120km.),
Temirlik canyon (35km.) and to borders with Kirghizia (40 km.).
The weather of Assy Plateau: it is necessary to take warm clothes as the temperature can fall to zero. There are not hotels and guesthouses.

Photos of Assy Plateau here.

The Charyn canyon.

The Charyn national park is located to the east from Almaty city on distance of 193 km. in a valley of the river Charyn on border of
Uighur and Enbekshi-Kazakh regions of Almaty area. The territory of park has the common area of 93150 hectares. It includes canyon-like
valley and fan-shaped delta of the river, adjoining sites of deserts Sjugatinskij valley and low-mountainous ridge Ulken-Boguty, and also
fragments of steppes in the top part of a valley and on slopes of ridge Torajgyr.

The river goes down from mountains by rough streams, the channel of it is blocked up with huge stones, and therefore prompt current often
forms the big picturesque thresholds and falls. For past millions of years the river has cut powerful layers of ancient adjournment of a carbon
epoch and the igneous rocks. As a result, there was formed huge completely unique canyon - the main sight of national park.
"The Locks valley" is most popular canyon for tourists. But there are many other interesting places at the Charyn canyon for 1-4 days trips.
Such places without people look like the Jursky period park - multi-coloured rocky canyons, groves of a relic ash-tree.

Note: One the main sights of parkis relic deciduous ashen wood in natural boundary Sarytogaj the area of 5014 thousand hectares.
Dominants of this wood - one of the most ancient kinds of modern flora - Sogdian ash (river-loving), kept here since an epoch of palaeogene.
There are only two places of growth of a relic ash-tree - the Colorado Canyon and river Charyn canyons.
It is the reason of that since 1964 river Charyn canyons are protected by Kazakhstan Goverment.

Climate of the Charyn canyon is deserted continental.

Photos are here.

Desert and semi-desert. The Taukum semi-desert. The Konshengeld.

The Taukum semi- desert is located to the north-west from Almaty city (200km), south of Balkhash lake. Area of the Taukum
semi-desert is 8300 sq. km.

The Taukum semi-desert is area for migration of various birds. A lot of ornithologists visit this place every year. The Kanshengel
area in the Taukum Desert is generally good for many birds: W aders, Larks/finches and wagtails, Caspian plovers , G reater
sand plovers, Rose-coloured Starlings , Pelicans, waders and reed warblers.

There are many camel farms in Taukum semi-desert. We can organise the camel rounds among sandy dunes.
There is a place "Tamgaly petroglifs" near to Taukum semi-desert.

The weather of the Taukum semi-desert is hot. There are not hotels and guesthouses.

Photos are here.

Mountain trips.

There are many mountain trips in Zailiysky Ala Tau (Tian Shan). It's located to the south from Almaty sity.

Specialty Categories of tours depends on your preparation and desires: Hiking & Trekking, Mountain/Rock Climbing.

If you lake mountain travels that you can have a set of variants tours duration (1-15 days):
- valleys of the Talgar river, Issyk river, Chilik river, Small and Big Almatinka river, Kaskelen river and etc.;

- Zailiysky Ala Tau Peaks of different categories of difficulty (Russian climbing grade 1-5):
Komsomol Peak 4376m. (the highest peak of Small Almaty gorge), Sovetov Peak 4379m. (the highest peak of Big Almaty gorge),
Talgar Peak 5000m. (the highest peak of Zailiysky Ala Tau).

The equipment for mountain tours depends on duration, a categories of difficulty and seasons. It is necessary to take convenient footwear,
warm clothes and water-waterproof capes.

If you want to know detail about tours you need to see next descriptions .

Photos are here.

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